Nearly 20 thousand people died from the coronavirus in nursing homes in Britain


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Aaron Chown / AP

Nearly 20 thousand people died from complications of coronavirus infection in care homes in the UK. This is evidenced by the data published by The Daily Mirror.

It is specified that from March 2 to June 12, every fifth resident of the nursing home were infected with a coronavirus. From complications of pneumonia COVID-19, died in 84 percent of cases.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked, could the authorities to prevent such losses by entering quarantine before. He declined to answer, pointing out that to identify the causes of such deaths need an extremely detailed picture of what is happening.

Johnson also challenged the information that some patients were “expelled” in nursing homes from hospitals. He noted that some people do not translate their initiatives, however, such decisions have always been based on “clinical basis”, and the authorities did not aim to put nursing homes at risk.

The Daily Mirror notes that about 40 percent of patients moved to nursing homes to free up hospital beds for other infected with a coronavirus.

In may it was reported that during the pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the UK died of over 12 thousand residents of nursing homes. According to incomplete data for March and April, they accounted for over a quarter of all deaths in the country at 27.3 percent.

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