Rich people around the world out of the isolation and boasted a luxurious life


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @alexander_dgr8

Rich people, living in different countries, emerged from isolation and has begun to spread in social networks the new images, showing off the luxurious life. Attention to the pictures drew Daily Mail.

As the newspaper notes, the secured users of social networks have decided to celebrate the partial lifting of restrictive measures, going to travel on private planes, in shops of the famous brands for shopping or expensive restaurants. Some at the first opportunity flocked to the beaches and five-star hotels.

So, Iranian singer Puyang Mokhtari (Pooyan Mokhtari) published in his Instagram account a picture where he is depicted on a private plane, a French blogger and entrepreneur Maddy Burciaga (Maddy Burciaga) shared the photo on the background of the Lamborghini Urus, made during a trip to Monaco.

Russian Daria Radionova, who lives in London, shared a picture from the restaurant at the Fendi store in the British capital, the other a native of Russia boasted the purchases made in California, Louis Vuitton store, and the Russian designer Dimavika — embellished with rhinestones mask.

In April, the specialist auction house Sotheby’s Catharine Becket (Becket Catharine) called the amount spent by millionaires for diamonds during the isolation of the outbreak of coronavirus. According to her, a bored rich people have bought at auction vintage jewelry for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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