Revealed a strong distortion in the perception of attractiveness in society


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Women and men have different idea how should look the perfect body of the partner. In this society often observed severe distortion in understanding what attracts members of the opposite sex. This is stated in the study, psychologists from St. Andrews University (Scotland), the results have been published British Journal of Psychology.

In the experiment, was attended by 75 men and 75 women aged 18-26 years. They were shown figures of human bodies and offered to adjust them according to the instructions that accompanied each image. As a result, the authors sue lei (Lei Xue) and David Perrette (David Perrett) found that women overestimate attractive side of thinness for men, and it was for them not so important. Those, in turn, have mistaken female love muscles and athletic body.

Psychologists noted that these misconceptions most strongly manifested in the context of a short-term relationship. Participants in the study thought in stereotypes and were convinced that the “perfect” body will bring them success in love Affairs.

In conclusion, the lei and Perrette drew attention to the need to change these distorted perceptions of attractiveness, then this will help reduce the risk of developing eating disorders and increase self-esteem of the people.

Earlier men revealed the girls ways to attract their attention, if they do not possess outstanding appearance. Recommend them to be confident, show initiative, make a compliment and ask her for a date.

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