Woman died after fall from roller coaster


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Le Parisien

In France, in the amusement Park killed a woman. She fell from a roller coaster that simulates a race “Formula-1”. It is reported by newspaper Le Parisien.

The incident occurred at the amusement Park Saint-Paul, which is located in the French Department of Oise. On the scene arrived physicians, but the woman failed to save.

The area where the incident occurred, is currently closed while the Park itself continues to work.

In January, the teenager from Kazakhstan fell to the pavement with a five-meter height because of problems with the attraction “Catapult” in the Park “Kok-Tobe”. 13-year-old child flew out of the seat belt and fell. As a result, he received a broken leg. The parents told that the boy had suffered for his negligence, and no one claims not to have.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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