Became aware of a possible connection of the killed Austria Russian Kadyrov


www.vsyako.netPhoto: stringer / RIA Novosti

Killed in the Austrian Gerasdorf is a Russian citizen could be a citizen of Chechnya. Presumably, this is Mamichan Umarov, known as Anzor from Vienna, criticized the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. On communications with the Chechen leader said “the Caucasus.Realities”.

“The shooter was a native of Chechnya. Killed, according to our information, is Anzor from Vienna”, — said the representative of one of the Chechen Diaspora in Europe.

It is also noted that the murder occurred on Saturday, July 4, at 19:30 local time. The suspect in this evening moving in a silver car.

Mamichan Umarov talked about himself in various interviews as a former mercenary in Chechnya. He said he worked in the Ministry of Shariah state security of the separatist Republic of Ichkeria (banned in Russia), and also talked about the involvement of Russian secret services to murder and attacks on political refugees and former Chechen separatists in Europe. Umarov criticized Kadyrov. It is noted that his statements to the head of Chechnya was offensive.

Earlier it was reported that the law enforcement agencies of Austria was suspected of involvement in the murder of Russians from Chechnya. According to security officials, the murder has custom-made character. In addition, earlier, the Russian was under the protection of the Austrian police.

In the Austrian city of Gerasdorf Saturday, July 4, shot the asylum seeker from Russia. Murder suspect arrested in Linz. He did not resist arrest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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