The daughter who collected debts for Kirkorov the Russians explained the desire to deprive of its rights


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The eldest daughter of a large resident of Novosibirsk, who collected debts for the concert of the singer Philip Kirkorov, explained his desire to deprive mother of parental rights. According to the girl, she doesn’t trust the woman. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda-Novosibirsk”.

She told me that she had caught the mother in the apartment with different men. “And in five years learned that it is because they saw with their own eyes. They closed the door. I am a little curious and went and saw something he wasn’t supposed to see,” she said.

According to the Russians, she thought, when children are beaten, swear and shout, this is a normal situation. The girl added that he did not know who her real father is, as the first mother was talking about one man, and later said it could be his brother. Grandma girls said that one of the granddaughters at the age of 13 constantly came to her hungry and said to live in the home of the mother is impossible. Later, she had a fight with her mother, and she kicked it to her grandmother.

A large woman, in turn, argues that it is not expelled daughter — she allegedly went after grandma “coached” her granddaughter against her. She complained that the mother was beaten her whole life and mentally crushed, and has now decided to deprive her children and housing.

July 2 “Komsomolskaya Pravda” told about the resident of Novosibirsk, who has 10 children — 8 living with her. The publication wrote that the woman got into debt to go to a concert by the Russian singer Philip Kirkorov and give him a cake. Older daughter think that her mother is bad watching the other children. The woman said that came to the concert for free, and also claimed that gets a little money and all their income, including the presidential payment, it spends on children.

In the management of the Affairs of the Novosibirsk region reported that the family of four years consists on the account, because children are often admitted to the hospital the doctors called the police, so they decided that the mother badly they were treated. It was said that the woman was attracted to administrative responsibility for failure to fulfill parental responsibilities. Mother check on the guardianship. The publication noted that the woman has no problems with alcohol and drugs.

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