Thin to 60 kilograms of the girl hunted in the network


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A resident of the English town of Swindon, Wiltshire, complained that after she lost 63 pounds, she was hounded on the network. Her history shared edition of the Sun.

28-year-old Georgie Phipps (Phipps Georgi) said that from the moment she had the surgery to reduce stomach in 2018, and has dramatically lost weight over it constantly bullied on social networks. “Not amazing, you look painful”, “what happened to your Boobs? They disappeared!”, “How the hell did you get so much echodate” — similar comments flooded her page in Facebook.

“I thought people would be happy for me. And many rejoiced, but I was not prepared for what I shall become an object of constant attention and criticism of detractors. Suddenly they all became interested in how I look and how I was able to lose weight,” said Phipps.

She admitted that losing weight has changed her as a person. In 2015 she weighed more than 120 pounds and not particularly worried about their appearance. The girl was enjoying herself and at her own wedding, held in the same year. However, as soon as Phipps saw the pictures from the ceremony, she realized that something needs to change. The Briton joined a local group on losing weight, tried every diet but couldn’t stick to any of them.

In 2016, the therapist put her on a waiting list for a procedure to reduce stomach. At that time she weighed 140 pounds. Two years later, the operation finally carried out. Phipps admits that the first months after it was very difficult. “Not only am I constantly in pain and I was puking up blood, but I still had to develop new eating habits and my stomach was the size of like a three year old child,” she complained.

The Briton considers unfair accusations from friends and strangers that losing weight by reducing stomach “unfair.” After surgery, she not only began to follow the diet, but also started walking, and yoga. “When I was overweight, I just didn’t notice. And now I notice, but I do not always like it,” concluded Phipps.

Professor of social psychology Elle God ( Elle Boag) commented on the event, Phipps. She noted that though the movement of bodypositive and protect overweight women from the attacks, his supporters can attack thinner and accuse them of “- feminism”. “Thinner girls are less emotionally vulnerable because slim in our culture are considered to be happy and confident. They think that if she had the strength to lose weight, and it will withstand the criticism,” explained God. She recalled that a bully can upset the person, however much he weighed.

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