Disclosed is a mortal danger to the infected with the coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Cooper Neill / Reuters

Scientists of the Laboratory of molecular biology medical research Council in the UK has uncovered a number of mutations that increase the risk of death in patients with COVID-19. This was reported in an article published in the repository medRxiv.

The researchers analyzed the genomes of people infected with coronavirus, with 193 people from 1412 infected died. Information about the genes stored in the database UK BioBank and cover 5871 people who were tested for the virus. Just revealed five previously known mutations affecting four human gene ERAP2, BRF2, TMEM181 and ALOXE3.

Although these mutations are rare, at least one of them is presented in 2.2 percent of the UK population. At the same time, Africans have one of the mutations in the ALOXE3 gene is found among 7.4 percent of the population. The mutation in BRF2 increases the risk of death about 13 times in ERAP2 and ALOXE3 — eight times, and in TMEM181 — five times.

It is known that BRF2 is involved in the stress response, ERAP2 ensures proper functioning of the immune system, ALOXE3 provides protection against pathogens, and TMEM181 involved in some pathological processes in bacterial infection.

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