It is estimated billions of dollars in spending Germany for the maintenance of the US army


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Germany paid for the placement of the US army nearly a billion euros over 10 years. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the estimates of the magazine Spiegel.

It is claimed that these German authorities spending 100 million euros a year — only a fraction of the real costs. This conclusion Spiegel made after studying the response of the Ministry of Finance on the request of the Deputy Brigid of Freehold. Indicates that 648,5 million euros designated as the costs of grants for construction work, still 333,9 million — directly to the defense.

While the United States itself to pay several times more for the maintenance of the troops. In the year of 2020 Washington for this purpose has allocated 7 trillion 234 billion euros, the cost of Berlin for the same period of 132.4 billion Euro.

June 6, administration of the President of the United States Donald trump announced the decision to reduce the number of American troops, which is in Germany. Currently, the country of 34.5 thousand soldiers. The head of state ordered the Pentagon to reduce their numbers by 9.5 thousand. In addition, trump ordered to limit the number of simultaneously located in Germany American servicemen to 25 thousand people is acceptable now 52 thousand.

Trump then explained that if Germany starts to allocate more funds to defense, USA will reduce its contingent in the country. He also complained that Germany violates the agreement on NATO military budgets.

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