The main stimuli of tourists to the Crimea and Sochi


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Konstantin Michalczewski / RIA Novosti

In the first place among the main stimuli of tourists in Crimea and Sochi were thick visitors to the beaches and tourists with cellulite. This became known from a survey, which publishes Telegram-channel “Crimea”.

“See that it is not in the form, hide and be ashamed, do sports, sit on a diet, not teles grey” — spoken by the respondents.

The second reason for the discontent were people in wet swimsuits in transport, and the third one visitors, littering on the beaches. We also found out that Russians who chose to leave Sochi and the Crimea, outraged smokers, travelers and parents who allow children to go to sea naked.

In addition, among the unpleasant aspects that travelers allocated the stone entrance into the water is sandy, coarse neighbors, lovers take the free beach chairs in advance, holidaymakers splashing in the sea, as well as those who defecate in the pond.

Earlier, on 6 July it became known that Russian tourists have been disappointed in the rest on domestic resorts because of its high cost. Only 37 percent of respondents are planning to book a trip on the Black sea, although two months earlier, this commitment was reported by 49 percent of respondents.

July 1, in Russia launched a full-fledged holiday season — the timing of its opening was previously delayed due to quarantine measures and restrictions, introduced on the background of the pandemic coronavirus throughout the country. It is known that currently only 67 subjects of States are ready to take a rest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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