The man slashed the tires of hundreds of cars for Dating with women


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jorge Silva / Reuters

In the Japanese city of Higashiura, Aichi Prefecture, arrested the attacker, who slashed the wheels of cars for the sake of meeting women. This publication reports the South China Morning Post.

The police became interested in 32-year-old employees of the city of Miyoshi after treatment 43-year-old woman. She returned from the supermarket to the car and noticed that she had a flat tire. As soon as she pulled over to the side, stopped next to the unknown driver and offered to help.

The woman remembered that the same thing happened to her last June. It struck her as suspicious, and she talked about her doubts to the police. They checked the surveillance cameras in a supermarket Parking lot and found that a man hit her car and then followed her in his own car.

They were able to establish that the attacker’s name was Esito Harada. Thereafter, he explained his action by saying that he wanted to meet women.

Japanese Internet users found that seven years ago it was reported about the arrest of a man with the same name and surname who was suspected in the same crime. According to his lawyer, he punctured the tires of about a thousand times to meet with their victims. Higashiura police refused to confirm that we are talking about the same Esito Harada, who was arrested now.

In 2018, it was reported that the Japanese city of Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture, have arrested a man who pretended to be blind, asked the saleswoman to take him to the toilet and on the way grabbed her on the chest. The identity of the attacker helped to set the video.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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