Vasily Utkin was asexual


www.vsyako.netBasil Odincat: Ksenia Sobchak / YouTube

Sports commentator Vasily Utkin called himself asexual. Such a statement he made in an interview to a leading Ksenia Sobchak. Video posted on YouTube.

During the filming Sobchak said in the bedroom commentator did not like a woman. He also tried to learn from Utkina, when was the last time he was with a woman.

“The fact that I’m asexual,” — said Utkin and added that he needs a variety of communication and “somewhere to tell their experience.” It is also partly agree with the thesis Sobchak that the importance of sex is overrated.

The presenter also asked, as it relates to football chants “No wife, no children. Vasya Utkin — fatty gay.” “I am very sad and hurt because for so many years I can’t think of another song, a new something. Let more offensive, but another,” said sports commentator and said that the text itself it does not offend.

“I just don’t know the physiological side, but generally I like to think that it is a matter of freedom of choice. I chose this life — the lone straight. Maybe I should call myself asexual”, — said Utkin.

In an interview with Sobchak sports commentator also stood up for Elena Malyshev leading, which was criticized after the publication of data on expensive real estate in the United States. “The money people earned,” said Utkin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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