15-year-old girl lost his wallet, and found it through 58 years


www.vsyako.netPhoto: The Sunset Theater In Lodi

A resident of the city of Lodi, California, found wallet, lost half a century ago. This is the website of The Epoch Times.

In 1962 being a 15-year-old girl, Donna brown (Donna Brown) lost her red wallet while going to the cinema. She forgot it when he went to wash his hands in the toilet. When brown realized his mistake and returned, the wallet was gone.

The purse contained the valuable collection of black and white pictures, her lucky silver dollar, the documents and work permit. Brown restored the documents and forgot about the loss for many decades.

In 2020, with brown was unexpectedly contacted by the owner of the cinema of Terry Clark (Terry Clark). He started renovation in the old building of the cinema to make it a public art center. During renovations, the builders found a red purse brown. It turned out the thing was abandoned in the attic above the toilet, and he fell over the wall.

Clark was found inside the pictures and decided to find the owner of the wallet. Considering how much time had passed, he knew that this would be easy. On 20 may, the owner of the cinema has published the findings in Facebook, and within a few hours he found out who it belonged to.

Brown was happy to be reunited with the lost thing, although her lucky silver dollar was missing. Sentimental American decided to restore the wallet to a state in which it was in 1962, and found a silver dollar in those times, which replaced the original.

Earlier it was reported that the school of the U.S. state of Illinois found 15 purses, which presumably was stolen 75 years ago. The owner of one of the wallets was found and kept it memorable for her photos.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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