Mishustin and Gref stated the need to overcome the digital pandemic


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Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and founder and Executive Chairman world economic forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab addressed the audience and participants of the training Polygon Cyber 2020. This year the event is held in an online format, it stream available on the network.

According to the President of Sberbank German Gref, speaking on a keynote speech to Russia is a great luck that the current Prime Minister sets ambitious goals of the digitization of the entire state.

Mishustin confirmed that the national action plan on restoration of economy of Russia is based on the increasing digitalization. At the same time, he believes, is important to protect people from the digital pandemic, to prevent fraud and theft of confidential data, which have increased due to the fact that the real pandemic people spend online more time. In order to protect the country from the risks of cyber attacks, Russia creates for education, health and other government agencies secure network environment, the Premier said. In addition, Russia plans to create a support system for digital business. He said that the country is open to international cooperation in the field of cybersecurity and urged to join efforts around deal with the digital pandemic.

This idea was continued by the head of the WEF. According to him, in connection with the pandemic of cybercrime had increased, and one of the challenges for governments and the professional community was the creation of a safer Internet. Alone to ensure his safety is impossible, but because it is necessary to combine international efforts. Otherwise, public confidence in the digital transformation that has fueled the pandemic COVID-19, will be undermined.

Schwab stressed that the pandemic coronavirus was a turning point and the history of mankind — for the first time since the Second world war. Global epidemic exposed the problems in the economy, medicine, education and other fields. At the same time for a few months, technology has made progress, which in normal circumstances would have left 2-3 years. According to him, it’s time for a reboot when it is important not only to maintain this result, but to use innovation to change lives for the better and to resist the digital pandemic.

Cyber Polygon 2020 — the training organized by the Center for cybersecurity at the world economic forum and the Russian company BI.ZONE. Within it are the main international experts in Economics and information technology. They include former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Secretary General of Interpol Jurgen Stock, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Center for cybersecurity WEF Troels Orting, and also the first ICANN, Visa, IBM and other international organizations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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