“Nettle” Ukrainian “Logic” to war


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In 2014, the Ukrainian design Bureau “Logic” began work on an automated control system (ACS) troops source codes which in 2018 was transferred to the Armed forces of Ukraine to replace a similar Soviet development, writes АрміяInform.

The publication of the Ukrainian Agency says the combat system tactical control to war and “received many positive atavov”.

“Since the beginning of the Russian aggression set to [on the way] more than 10 thousand copies of the program. In addition there is technical support which is constantly improving the product”, — says the publication.

According to the Director of “Logic” Yuri Dobronravin, the system allows you to automate individual tasks the battalion level (battalion), company (battery), platoon and individual vehicles. “In fact it helps to combine intelligence, control and fire damage in a single information field”, — writes the Agency.

In may, the newspaper “Izvestia”, referring to the defense Ministry, reported that Air and space forces of Russia, first experienced ACS defense systems with elements of artificial intelligence.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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