The girls shared the worst male phrases for flirting


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Chris Hondros / Getty Images

Netizens discussed the most absurd and unpleasant phrases that heterosexual men use to flirt. Worst ways to attract a girl’s attention listed under tweet of microblogger with the nickname sham.

“Palermoite as if you were a heterosexual man,” wrote the author of the post.

“You’re so special, you’re not like other girls” — this phrase many girls considered a bad way of flirting. Some shared bad compliments received from friends, like “you’re so Mature for your age”.

In the list of bad ways to attract female attention got a few questions: “Why are you so sad, because you’re beautiful?”, “Are you still together with that guy?” and “How are you?”

The girls also admitted that sometimes, without warning, receive intimate photos from strange men. As a rule, authors shots trying to flirt and accompany the photo with a question, like what you have seen recipients of the message.

Earlier, the lady Reddit asked the men to tell how the girls not the most attractive appearance to gain their attention. The author of the post admitted that the interlocutors in the application for Dating estimated its appearance from four to seven on a scale. She noted that the beautiful people are much easier to make acquaintance, and she has to try in order to get a response from a potential partner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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