The new head of the interior Ministry of France brought charges of rape



The new Minister of internal Affairs of France, Gérald Darmanin at the resumption of the investigation in the rape case, which was discontinued in 2018. This writes CNN referring to the sources.

This became possible after the June decision of the court of Appeal of Paris, which decided that the reason for dismissal was not enough. So now the consequence decides whether the resumed formal investigation.

The appointment of the head of the interior Ministry of a man who is suspected of rape, has caused outrage among the feminist community, reports RFI. To Express their dissatisfaction to the building of the Ministry came about 20 activists. They reminded the Minister of the charges and called for his resignation, chanting the phrase “Darmanin is a rapist, the state — partner”. One of the senators from the socialist Laurence Rossignol, called the appointment of men “a slap in the face that [the President] Emmanuel macron slapped anyone who is struggling with sexual violence.”

The Elysee Palace, in turn, believes that this incident is “not an obstacle” to save the post for Armanino, according to the source BBC News. In addition, former interior Minister Christoph Kastner expressed his absolute trust to his successor.

Darmanin was appointed interior Minister on 6 July after a change of Prime Minister. Prior to that, he worked as Minister of state accounts.

The claim about sexual violence against Darmanin was first filed in 2017. Sophie Patterson-Spats claimed that in 2009 a man, when he worked in the legal Department of the party “Union for a popular movement” and promised her support in court case for sexual intimacy. The preliminary investigation was terminated when prosecutors said they could not establish the fact of “lack of consent” from the woman. Darmanin himself denies his guilt and accuses Patterson, who previously worked as an escort, slander.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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