The traffic police estimated the idea to raise the speed limit on toll roads


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The Inspectorate considers it possible to raise the speed limit on Russian toll roads up to 150 kilometers per hour. So the idea of “Avtodor” was appreciated by the Deputy chief of head Department on safety of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Oleg Panarin, reports TASS.

Panarin said that it is necessary to consider the limit of the road design. According to him, 150 km / h limit road design the first category, chetyrehpolozyj with a dividing strip.

He said that the standardization documents acting today for up to 130 kilometers per hour. In this regard, in the short term, we can consider the speed increase to such a limit, and with the development of standardization, technology, cleaning, repairs, high speed roads up to 150 kilometers per hour.

July 4 the Chairman of the Board of the “Avtodor” Vyacheslav Petushenko said that the company plans to gradually raise the speed limit on toll roads up to 150 kilometers per hour. In particular, it was about the M11 highway, the Central ring road (TsKAD) in Moscow suburbs and the M4 “don”. Petushenko said that the bypass Losevo and Pavlovsk the speed limit will increase gradually — at first he will be raised to 110 kilometres per hour.

At the end of June the head of Ministry of transport of Russia Yevgeny Ditrikh said the issue of increasing the permissible speed on CRR to 150 kilometers per hour will be resolved before the end of the year.

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