In France, ridiculed the statements of Kiev about the invasion of Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

French journalist Christine Neal wrote an article on why Ukraine is trying to intimidate its citizens from the invasion of Russia. In it he ridiculed the words and actions of the Kiev politicians and commanders. The material posted on the portal AgoraVox.

The journalist pointed out two statements from the Ukrainian side. In particular, the words of the Deputy head of the foreign Ministry Vasyl Bodnar, who claimed the threat of a Russian attack during the exercise, as well as to interview the head of the Navy Alexey Neiipp, in which he spoke about the impending war between Moscow and Kiev. According to Neale described a scenario of confrontation even more ridiculous than the reasons for Russian intervention.

Among the reasons high-ranking Ukrainian officials have called attempts to return the water supply from Ukraine to Crimea. “I think psychiatrists would do well to consider the opening in Ukraine of the whole research centre with regard to the degree of insanity which reigns among the elite of the country”, — the journalist wrote.

Among other things the author stressed that Russia, unlike Western countries, is not going to arrange the bombing and military operations on the territory of other States.

Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian Navy said that the war between Moscow and Kiev will begin with Russia’s attempts to restore by force the North-Crimean canal water. Neiipp when it threatened to use against the Moscow missile “Neptune”.

The Deputy head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that Russia is preparing an attack on Ukraine from the Caucasus. The cause of the attack of the Russian army, I’m sure the Bodnar will be the question of water supply to the Crimean Peninsula.

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