Named a way to predict severe coronavirus



To assess the likelihood of severe coronavirus infection in a patient, it is necessary to conduct two tests at the beginning of the disease. We are talking about PCR (polymerase chain reaction, showing the presence of the genome of the pathogen) and ELISA (enzyme immunoassay or antibody). About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

Scientists from the University of science and arts China’s Hubei province have concluded that patients with a severe course of the disease is observed late production of antibodies of type IgM, which allow the body to fight infection. These antibodies are typical for patients with coronavirus, but the test detects only from 82.2 per cent infected. Other more difficult to tolerate the disease and end up in intensive care.

Thus, to predict a severe course COVID-19 in sequence of two tests: the detection of the presence of infection, and then antibodies to it. Insights Chinese colleagues praised the Russian scientists.

“The technique is of great interest, but it is made on a small sample of patients, and therefore, in my opinion, a more extensive study of the possibilities of the use of ELISA in the diagnosis of infections caused by COVID-19” — said a senior researcher of the Institute of X-VIO Tyumen state University Mariya Orlova. According to her, such tests will be most relevant for the elderly.

Earlier it was reported that scientists of the Cleveland clinic (USA) has created a tool that allows without a test to predict and diagnose infection with coronavirus. They have created an online calculator that can predict the likelihood of disease COVID-19. The tool works on the basis of data about the person including age, gender, ethnicity, presence or absence of chronic illness and region of residence.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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