Disclosed details of the murders from the case of the Governor Furgala


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The newspaper chain revealed details of the crimes with which the suspect Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala. Investigators believe that the officer involved in the organization of murders and assassinations in the mid-2000s years.

A first offense in which the suspect Furgala occurred on 19 October 2004 on the road in Bikinsky region of Khabarovsk Krai. Kommersant novel Sandalov was injured from the “Saiga” 12-gauge and two days later died in hospital. The investigation was suspected of killing six people, including Furgala, who at that time was the post of General Director of the material resources “the Myth-Khabarovsk”. In conversation with the latest security forces said that two other suspects Vitaly Aleynikov Scarpeta and are his bodyguards and are always with him.

The main witness in the case was Pavel Kuznetsov, who along with the victim were engaged in the extraction of scrap metal and handed it to scrap metal dealer. In the course of the hearing in 2008, he said that on 17 October 2004 Sandalov complained his employees Furgala who have not paid for the goods. Then sand and Kuznetsov decided to sell the product, and this was the cause of the conflict. According to the witness, the same day a Makarov kidnapped him and locked it, but then released.

On 18 October, according to the investigation, five employees of “the Myth-Khabarovsk” on the instructions Furgala went to the village Lermontovka, where he lived Kuznetsov. There they allegedly knocked a man to a recognition in theft with physical violence and death threats. Also, according to the investigators, employees of the “Myth” I found out where sand. The day after he was mortally wounded on the track.

Convicted of murder declared Vladimir Zhuravlev — he pled guilty to the Prosecutor and said that Sandalova shot in self-defense. The court sentenced a man to one year and six months imprisonment with compensation of 1.5 million rubles.

The consequence considers Furgala involved in another crime: October 29, 2004 near his home and shot dead a businessman Eugene dawn. In his apartment, security forces found the office documentation and prepared the application in OVD. In the dawn described the essence of the conflict and has expressed fears for his life.

The investigative Committee found out that the businessman quarreled with the leadership of “the Myth-Khabarovsk”, which included Furgal and Nicholas Mistryukov and Oleg Bulatov. The cause of the conflict was a production the case of a bankrupt plant ZHBI-2, ceded by the decision of the court of Zor.

According to police, for “force protection issues of a criminal nature”, the company answered Mistryukov, a perpetrator of the murder could be the leader local OPG “Tymofiivka” Mikhail Timofeyev. He allegedly suggested Meeting to resolve the conflict drastically, even murder Furgala, but he refused. Then Timofeev suggested the same thing to the CEO of “Myth,” and that, according to Baza, agreed.

31 Jan 2005 there’s been another murder: the victim was Bulatov, co-founder of the “Myth”. His body was found with gunshot wounds to the head and body. Then Furgal said that the murder of a business partner was a complete surprise to him and it is unlikely related to commercial activity.

In addition, the investigation Furgala suspects in the disappearance of the CEO of the company “Steam” Edward Kuczynski in 1997. The man got out of his apartment to go to work, but to his waiting official car never came.

The Governor of Khabarovsk territory have detained in the night of 9 July (Moscow time). He is suspected of attempted murder and ordering the murders of two businessmen. Crimes were committed on the territory of the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region. Furgal plea refused.

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