Holidaymakers on the crowded resorts of Russia prayed about the opening of Turkey


www.vsyako.netPhoto by: Artur Lebedev / RIA Novosti

Russian tour operators have shared their impressions of their customers, who in this season went to rest on the crowded tourists on the background of the pandemic coronavirus resorts of Russia. In relevant comments in a closed group “travel Bureau” in Facebook noticed

One of the most frequent complaints was dissatisfaction with excessive number of people on the beaches of the Crimea and the Kuban — “people literally lie on each other.” So, one of the travellers took off the coast on a video and a plea uttered the phrase “Open the Turkey!”

“Even the sun umbrellas were not enough at first. (…) Today I was in Yalta… a lot of people, even with the storm warnings, the streets are not crowded, in the evening in a cafe, no seats… Cab was waiting for more than an hour,” — said one of the clients of the travel Agency. In addition, guests have reported a shortage of staff in local units.

At the same time there were those Russians who were satisfied and even pleasantly surprised by the conditions of the rest on domestic resorts. “My tourists rest in the boarding house (…) in semidvorie. Say, four out of five. Was expecting the worst,” shared one of the participants in the discussion.

9 Jul blogger Ilya Varlamov checked the prices on rooms in hotels of Crimea and came to the conclusion that the rest of the Peninsula during the pandemic proved to be much more expensive resorts in Europe and the UAE. The cost of the Crimean rooms at the weekend from 10 to 12 July, he said, was like “in Russia and decided to live like the last time.”

Safe and controlled startup of the internal tourism in Russia was held in early June. The first stage was opened the sanatorium with the medical license. Also, the authorities have developed rules to open further hotels, beaches, resorts, cruises and other components of the tourism industry. Full holiday season in the country was launched on 1 July.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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