Question about the new head of the Khabarovsk Krai has put the government to a standstill


www.vsyako.netSergey Forgetfoo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

The government of the Khabarovsk Krai still don’t know when will be appointed acting head of the regional Cabinet. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Government representatives noted that the procedure for appointing the head of the region remains unclear. They explained that in the region there are two leadership posts — Governor and the Chairman of the government, which are currently combined. Meanwhile, the acting Governor appointed by the President, and acting head of the regional Committee of Ministers of the incumbent Governor. It is noted that the Khabarovsk territory Governor Sergey Furgal before the arrest, did not have time to label anyone.

Earlier there were reports that associated with Forgalom criminal cases of previous years began to re-investigate even 2019. Suspicion against Furgala appeared after the offenders entered into a pretrial agreement with the Prosecutor General’s office and gave the Governor detailed testimony.

The Governor of Khabarovsk territory have detained in the night of 9 July (Moscow time). He is suspected of attempt at murder of the businessman Alexander Smolsky and ordering the murders of two businessmen Eugene dawns and Oleg Bulatov — due to disagreements in business. Crimes were committed in 2004-2005 in the territory of the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region. Furgal plea refused.

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