Trump first promised publicly to wear a mask


www.vsyako.netDonald Truephoto: KEVIN LAMARQUE / Reuters

The US President Donald trump has pledged publicly for the first time to wear a mask when visiting the veterans hospital Walter reed. It is reported by The Politico.

According to the head of state, wearing masks in the hospital is extremely appropriate. He noted that he is concerned about the possibility of transferring any bacteria from his patients. “I have no problem with the mask,” said trump.

The President is going to visit the hospital in order to visit war veterans and hold a meeting with medical workers who are fighting with the coronavirus at the forefront.

Earlier, the head of state said that wearing the mask on the face, he looks like a character in the westerns. According to him, he wore a black protective mask, and he even liked the way he looked. In addition, the President expressed support for wearing masks, noting that “it is good”.

During the epidemic of the coronavirus trump despite the official recommendations of the authorities has appeared at public events without a mask. For this he has repeatedly criticized as political opponents and ordinary citizens on social networks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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