Princess Diana tried to commit suicide during pregnancy


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Princess Diana tried to kill myself when I was first pregnant with her son William, but the tragedy managed to be prevented, according to the Australian magazine New Idea.

This is stated in found secret diary of Diana Spencer, which was submitted to the editors. It is noted that lady Di was taking notes on the advice of a therapist. Specialist recommended her to describe their emotions on paper that deal with depression, as the former wife of British Prince Charles often had suicidal thoughts. “I was so depressed that he could go at all. I tried to do some damage” she wrote in the diary.

In addition, from records we can learn about the causes of bulimia is Princess Diana. According to the newspaper, Prince Charles criticized the figure of the wife, and as a result, she almost refused to eat, and have trained myself to induce vomiting.

29 July 1981 of Diana Frances Spencer married Prince Charles. On 28 August 1996 they got divorced. After the divorce, Diana was deprived of the right to be called a member of the Royal family, but the title of Princess of Wales after her was saved. She died in a car accident the night of 31 August 1997 in Paris, when the Mercedes in which she was riding with his friend billionaire Dodi al fayeed, crashed into the wall of an underground tunnel.

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