Revealed the secrets of a good night’s sleep on Board


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The network revealed the secrets of a good night’s sleep on Board the aircraft during flight. Appropriate recommendations were given in the Daily Express.

First and foremost, the authors of the material, passengers should take a responsible approach to the choice of seat and to avoid unnecessary noise to purchase a ticket away from the cockpit or toilets in the rear of the liner.

In addition, tourists need to take care about comfortable clothes and make sure that all the things that can be useful in the process of flights are hand Luggage — for example, pillow and mask for sleep, earplugs for the ears or noise-canceling headphones and a blanket.

Finally, travelers, who will have a long flight, it is not recommended to overeat before bedtime and to eat spicy foods and alcoholic drinks. “Alcohol can interfere with quality of sleep and severely dehydrate the body as caffeine. Instead, drink water or a soothing herbal tea,” — stated in the text.

This directly before going to sleep, the passengers should escape from screens and gadgets, for example, read a book, listen to music or watch types in the window.

On 7 July it was reported that most of the passengers during air travel and prefer to choose on Board the space near the window. As a rule, it is considered preferable to tourists who experience fear or discomfort during flights. In addition, it offers good visibility and additional space due to the lack of another companion on the side.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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