Discovered the lost Palace of ancient civilization


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Archaeologists have discovered in Mexico ancient ruins of the lost Palace of the Aztecs, who also served as the residence of the Spanish Conquistador hernán cortés. This publication reports the BBC News.

Remains of buildings were found during repair work on Constitution Square in Mexico city, when workers stumbled upon the basalt plate. They were part of the open space of the Palace of the Aztec ruler of Axayacatl, which came to power in 1469, rules 12 years and became the father of Montezuma II, the last Emperor of the Aztecs. After the fall of the civilization of indigenous Mexicans because of the invasion of the Spaniards Palace stud home to Cortez.

Cortes arrived in Mexico in 1518, and in 1521 he and his men laid siege to the capital of Tenochtitlan, which was subsequently destroyed.

Earlier, in January 2020, it was reported that scientists at the National Institute of anthropology and history in Mexico found that gold ingot was found in a city Park in Mexico city, is part of the Aztec treasure, which was looted by the Spanish conquistadors, led by Hernan Cortes.

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