Awarded the order of Courage was in the mental hospital for the explosion at the military Academy


www.vsyako.netThe scene (archive photo)Photo: Alexander Petrosyan / Kommersant

The Saint-Petersburg garrison military court dismissed the criminal responsibility of the teacher of the Military space Academy named A. F. Mozhaysky Lieutenant Colonel Rifat Zakirova, bombed at school on 2 April 2019. This was reported by the United press service of the courts of the city in his Telegram channel.

The officer was charged with article 118 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Causing of heavy harm to health on imprudence”), 222.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Illegal circulation of explosives”) and 223.1 of the criminal code (“Illegal manufacture of explosive devices”). Applied to it forced measures of medical character.

The defendant was in the mental hospital is still under investigation, reports “Kommersant”. He revealed a mental disorder. Officer, awarded the order of Courage for merits to the Motherland, got a few contusions in the hot spots. And the trauma received in the explosion at the Academy, aggravated his condition.

Day 2 April 2019 in the Military-space Academy of the explosion, resulting in a collapsed stairwell, and several people were trapped. Staff and students were evacuated , and bomb experts found in the Academy another mine.

The explosion occurred when the teacher Zakirov, is a professional sapper tried to defuse the bomb. He and three officers were injured varying degrees of severity. The power of the bomb was up to 500 grams in a trotyl equivalent.

10 days after the incident Zakirov was in the FSB and confessed that he built the bomb and brought it to the Academy. He wanted to fake her discovery publicly and to disarm, to solve the housing problems encountered by many children and families of Colonel. In case of a successful outcome of the action he could count on a new apartment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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