Breivik wanted to write a book about his life


www.vsyako.netAnders Breivik (archive photo)Photo: Frank Augstein / AP

Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik sent out several dozen letters to different people and the media: he wanted to about it wrote a book. This writer Christoph Andersson, who received one of the letters, told the newspaper Sydsvenskan.

According to him, Breivik has sent letters to at least 20 people. A terrorist wants to transfer its rights to the publication of the book, movie or interview — he estimates the cost of 86 million crowns (about 9.7 million USD).

Andersson believes that Breivik may well capitalize on this: according to Norwegian law, access to the investigation materials cannot be obtained without the permission of the offender. It is expected that this may allow him to sell the rights to publish your story.

In 2018, the European court of human rights (ECHR) rejected the complaint on Breivik’s conditions of detention in prison in Norway. The Committee, consisting of three judges, ruled that “the treatment a prisoner is not acceptable due to false reason” the terrorist believed this conclusion is inhuman.

While in custody, the offender had to change the name — now his name is officially Thorolf Hansen.

July 22, 2011 Norwegian has made two attacks. First, he has arranged explosion in the government quarter in Oslo killed eight people. After that, the offender went to youth camp of the ruling Norwegian labour party on the island of Utoya, where he shot another 69 people. In his actions he repented only in February of 2018, but some of his statements are considered manipulation.

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