Celebrities love the candid pose of a tennis mini-skirts


www.vsyako.netAmanda Goldenface: London News Pictures / Shutterstock / REX

Celebrities started being photographed in the same pose in tennis skirts, and started a new trend. Posted in social networks photos drew the attention of the journalists of The Sun.

It is noted that the inspiration for such images was the iconic photo of the 1976 “tennis Player” with a picture of the British woman Fiona Butler (Fiona Butler). Martin Elliott (Elliott Martin) captured the moment 18-year-old girl on the court from the back: in the picture in the right hand she holds a paddle, and the left rear lifts the skirt, showing the lack of underwear. According to the newspaper, posters with this photo became one of the most sold in the world.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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