Deripaska called on the Central Bank to stop “dancing with tambourines”


www.vsyako.netOleg Deepercutt: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti

Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, once again criticized the Central Bank, urging him to stop the “ritual dances with a tambourine” around the key rate. The message he published in his Telegram channel.

The businessman insists that the regulator began publishing end Bank rates for major loan products in the Russian economy.

Without this, he believes, the public and the industry will not get out of the trap “of the banks-lenders with their insurance and commissions”, and to achieve national goals, is spelled out in the decree of the President of the country Vladimir Putin, will be impossible.

Deripaska said about the necessity of inclusion of the printing press (“to create a new capital fiat money”), which will provide affordable and urgency of financial resources. In the Russian economy, he said, should in the first four years of the 16 years (the period for which Putin could remain in power, according to the Constitution) to add 25 trillion rubles, while the final rate does not exceed four percent.

Besides, the businessman has appealed for even more cheap and long money on environmental modernization of the country. “But dancing can watch on the First channel. While they are perfectly cope with this task”, — said Deripaska.

The billionaire has repeatedly criticized Central Bank for having a too weak reduction of the key rate. The current report published on the eve of the meeting of the regulator, which, as suggested by most experts, the rate will drop to historic lows.

Also this week, Deripaska expressed confidence that Putin will remain in power until 2036, and the course was a new agreement between the Russians and elites. According to the billionaire, the amendments to the Constitution will enable the country to achieve unprecedented economic growth.

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