Dismissed from the state office of public Prosecutor the Colonel called a fight with a COP misunderstanding


www.vsyako.netIgor Mylnikov Frame: telegram video channel LIFE SHOT

The Colonel of the state office of public Prosecutor Igor Mylnikov, which staged a drunken brawl in the police station and attacked its employees, called the incident a misunderstanding. Telegram publishes an interview with channel LIFE SHOT.

Mylnikov also noted that almost does not drink alcohol. “Very-very rare. Maybe such a reaction I have to alcohol was,” he told reporters.

The Colonel says that everything written about the incident on the Internet, a lie. “This is absolutely false information that I was somewhere drunk — everything that is written is untrue,” said a former employee of the Prosecutor General.

The criminal case against him will consider Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow. As Mylnikov admitted his guilt and repented of the committed, he may get probation, a merit — even to get off with a fine.

Igor Mylnikov held the position of chief of the office of physical protection and security of the Prosecutor General. On 29 June, he, returning home drunk, wrong and a scandal to the house guards. Arrived on a call police officers took rowdy to the Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs “Fili Park”. Business card of the employee of Prosecutor’s office have Mylnikova with him was not — by law the police have no right to detain the employees of the Supervisory authority.

At the office of the Colonel casually suggested police check the Internet, who is he (keywords) like this, and when he was asked to calm down and remove the belt struck the officer in the leg and got into a fight.

After the incident, he was dismissed by order of the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov for violating the code of prosecutorial ethics.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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