Evaluated the influence of the state support for interregional air travel


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Roman Pyatakov / RIA Novosti

Development of interregional air transport was insignificant in spite of dedicated government support. This is stated in the report of the accounting chamber on the audit of the subsidy program interregional flights in the years 2017-2019. Assessment is provided in the message published on the website of the portal “the Future of Russia. National projects”.

“In 2019, the number of subsidized routes increased by 86 percent compared with the 2017 year — on-year to 242 routes. However, this number included not only new routes, but also those that were already promoted in commercial operations that did not contribute to the expansion of the route network”, — stated the auditor Valery Bogomolov. The development of inter-regional passenger routes one of the key objectives of the “Comprehensive plan for the expansion of backbone infrastructure”.

Russia plans to implement 13 national projects: “Health”, “Education”, “Demography”, “Culture”, “Safe and quality roads”, “Housing and the urban environment”, “Ecology”, “Science”, “Small and medium entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurial initiative,” “labor Productivity and employment support, international cooperation and exports”, “Complex plan of modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure”. By decree of President Vladimir Putin, deadlines extended from 2024 to 2030.

For their implementation it is planned to spend about 26 trillion rubles.

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