FSB detained poet named kingpin Trunk


www.vsyako.netAndrei Voznesensky (archive photo)Photo: Prime Crime

In Mozhaisk district near Moscow employees of FSB have caught 59-the summer thief in the law Andrey Voznesensky is better known in criminal circles as a Trunk. On Friday, July 24, according to “Prime Crime”.

The operation took place on 3 April. On the question of the place of work authority the detainee replied that he was “self-employed poet”. It clarifies the Agency, the Trunk really writes poetry and communicates with the Russian singer.

The arrest took place in the framework of a criminal investigation for fraud. Ascension in the criminal group promised the owner of Tula company “Spetsservis plus” to help pay off the back taxes in violation of the law and to seek non-institution of criminal proceedings for evasion. Its services, the fraud was estimated at 19 million rubles.

They were detained immediately after the transfer of the first tranche. One of the band members went on to deal with the investigation and told that the initiator of the fraud was the Trunk. Now the authority is accused of attempted fraud in especially large size. Ascension denies guilt.

The trunk was crowned in Moscow in 1995. Tried five times, including escape.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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