FSB General appreciated the idea of returning the passport in the column of nationality


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Murad Orucov / RIA Novosti

A retired FSB General Alexander Mikhailov appreciated the idea back in the passport count of the nationality. The opinion he expressed to RIA Novosti, commenting on a proposal of state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov.

According to Mikhailov, you will need to hold a passport reform to return the mark of nationality in the main document of Russian citizens. He sees no point in this development, as the impacts will not, but the need for the transformations is not available.

“I believe that this is another notion of the Deputy Milonova… That fundamentally change the fact that the passport will write a nationality?” — the General said.

24 July it became known about the treatment of state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov to the head of the justice Department Konstantin Chuichenko with a proposal to return in the passport a mark of ethnicity. “In our country, the “national question” has long been associated with negative phenomena of the late Soviet Union. The notorious “fifth paragraph” and tacit division of nationalities according to the principle of loyalty to the Communist party played a bad service to the idea of documentary preservation of national and ethnic belonging of citizens”, — the politician argues.

In his opinion, the indication of the nationality in the passport should be voluntary. This innovation will be a testimony to the openness of Russian society and of the victory over the nationalist prejudices.

The mark of ethnicity or the “fifth column” was removed from the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation in 1992.

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