Italy cracked the network of marriages of convenience for the legalization of migrants


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Chris Singer / Getty Images

Livorno in the Italian financial guard uncovered a network of organizers of marriages of convenience that allowed migrants to obtain a residence permit and legal stay in the country. It is reported by la Repubblica.

According to the publication, the police caught 56 people, including Italians, immigrants from North Africa and South America. The leader of the criminals for the legalization of migrants was a citizen of the Dominican Republic. In just five years he painted 24 couples earning up to 200 thousand euros. It is noted that the most striking example of the conventions of marriages was the case when a certain Italian wanted to terminate the marriage but could not remember even the name of the second half.

In 2019, it became known that representatives of the LGBT community in the UK tend to suffer from forced and sham marriages with the opposite sex. This occurs in part because of the demands of heterosexual partnership of the companies in different cultures or desire to “cure” them in this way.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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