Posner called the cause of problems with the veins


www.vsyako.netVladimir Phosphate: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner in comments published on the website “daily mail” said that has problems with the veins. According to him, they arose from the fact that he often passed blood in Soviet times.

“Then the needle was very thick and as a result of frequent use it so happened that my veins somehow “fell off” and today is very hard I have to take blood,” — said the journalist. Posner emphasizes that he is honoured donor of the USSR.

Now the presenter has difficulty with taking blood, as only a good nurse immediately finds a vein. “I frequently donate blood so often that he had received a medal”, — he added.

Posner noticed that he knows adults who are afraid of needles. According to him, most of them men. He concluded that women are less likely than men to faint when they take blood.

Previously, Mr. Posner told me that twice a cancer survivor, but each time managed to defeat the cancer. For the first time Posner has been diagnosed with cancer in 1993. In communication with the fan Posner stated that he is not afraid of death, because he understands its inevitability.

Vladimir Posner — Soviet and Russian journalist. Lead author of the program “Pozner”, coming on the First channel since 2008. The journalist became known to a wider audience after a teleconference between the US and the USSR in 1980-ies.

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