Russian nuclear “Prince Vladimir” made of “fine tuning”


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Nuclear submarine (SSN) K-549 “Prince Vladimir” project 955A (code “Borey-A”) at the final stage before delivery to the Navy (Navy) of Russia made a “small tuning”, said the head of the United shipbuilding Corporation (UAC) Alexey Rakhmanov.

According to him, the main test of the submarine was completed in 2019 and in 2020 remained a small operation. “You imagine, we make repairs in the apartment, and now the walls are ready, and the Windows are, and features a parquet floor and chandeliers suspended, but after that, begins a story: here is a little hook to hang, here the mirror, here is a picture,” said the Manager.

According to Rakhmanov, until the end of the year, the KLA needs to build and repair ships 14. “We are expecting a very heavy, I would even say, a record year, because the number of warships and in particular submarines, we probably have not passed since the Soviet times”, — said the head of the Corporation.

The submarine K-549 “Prince Vladimir” project 955A of the Russian Navy received on the Day of Russia, June 12.

In may, the American edition of the Drive called K-549 “Prince Vladimir” best submarine of the Russian Navy.

In October 2019 K-549 “Prince Vladimir” held the first firing of an Intercontinental ballistic missile R-30 “Bulava-30”.

In may of the same year “news” with reference to sources wrote that the K-549 “Prince Vladimir” is different from the submarines of project 955 “Borey” lack of “hump” missile launch platform.

Bookmark K-549 “Prince Vladimir” on the “Sevmash” took place in July 2012. Submarine strategic purpose developed by Rubin and carries 16 missiles R-30 “Bulava-30” . The submarine features low noise, high maneuverability and advanced weapons control system. Currently the Russian Navy has three submarines of project 955 (K-535 “Yuri Dolgoruky,” K-550 “Alexander Nevsky” and K-551 “Vladimir Monomakh”) and one submarine of the project 955A (A-549, “Prince Vladimir”). Four more submarines of project 995А built. Preparing for the laying of two submarine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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