Russians warned about the rise in rental housing


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kirill Kuhmar / TASS

After the lifting of restrictions associated with the spread of the coronavirus, the demand for rental housing in the largest cities of Russia has recovered. Landlords do not plan to keep long rates at a reduced level, established during the quarantine, according to the materials of the service “Craigslist real Estate”, arrived in edition “”.

“Landlords will not be able to keep the price at the quarantine level was a crisis measure to ride out the turbulent times and not lose income. Thus, it is logical to expect growth of demand for long term rent, but also increasing its cost,” analysts warn.

According to them, in April of 2020 in major cities across the country recorded growth in the demand for long term rentals, and by July the market has not only recovered, but also showed a significant increase in the demand increased 16 percent in annual terms.

Massive rise housing yet. According to estimates, “Avito”, rent of apartments in Moscow costs an average of 31 thousand rubles a month. In St.-Petersburg and Sochi, the figure is 20 thousand. The minimum bet in Chelyabinsk, Omsk and Voronezh — 10 thousand a month for the average “odnushku”.

Earlier in July, was determined by the cost of renting the cheapest apartment in Moscow — 20 thousand rubles per month. At this rate it seems to “odnushka”, located a 20-minute walk from the metro station “Shchelkovo” in the East of the city.

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