SpaceX wanted half of the budget of the Ministry of defense of Russia


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Us company SpaceX wanted to attract additional funding in the amount of 44 billion dollars, reports Bloomberg, citing its own sources. This amount is more than one and a half times the expenditure budget of the Ministry of defense of Russia for 2020 (1,894 trillion rubles).

Currently, according to the Agency, the company carries out the corresponding negotiations. Bloomberg writes that the first SpaceX plans to issue securities for 270 dollars per share, thus obtaining one billion dollars. The relevant negotiations are expected to conclude after one or two months.

The Agency notes that, according to the July Bank Morgan Stanley, in the end, the cost of SpaceX could reach 175 billion dollars, and through the issuance of securities, the company has raised approximately $ 3.5 billion. Just, as calculated in the Bank in years 2019-2032 SpaceX will spend about $ 50 billion.

According to the report of the inspector General of NASA, Paul Martin, published in July, since August 2006 NASA to create lunar and Martian manned spacecraft Orion, the analogue of which, as assure in “Roskosmos” is “Federation” (“eagle”), spent 16.7 billion.

Currently based in may 2002, who was educated in applied physics and materials science Elon Musk the SpaceX company is a world leader in launching rockets (Falcon 9) heavy class, the world’s only owner of the existing heavy vehicle (the Falcon Heavy) and the world’s largest commercial operator by number of own satellites (Starlink). The company’s capitalization is estimated at $ 36 billion, the total number of employees — about eight thousand. SpaceX is the world’s first implemented the technology reusable rocket in serial, allowing for competitive prices to sell to customers are actually already flying carriers.

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