Stray cat was coming home to a woman in the night and gave birth to kittens


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Stray cat meowing woke the resident of the U.S. city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and gave birth to kittens in her home. This is the website of Metro.

IDA Florrick (Ida Floreak) woke in the night from the cat’s meow in front of her house. First, the American thought it was her cat Bruce, but then remembered a stray cat named named Salami (Salami), which it is periodically fed. Florrick went to check if everything was okay.

It turned out that Salami had it coming into the house to American in search of a safe place to have kittens. “I occasionally fed her, so she knew where to go, but this Salami was never pushy and never came so early. She went inside and mewed a few hours, so I realized that now something will happen. She was so round at this point,” said the hostess.

By ten o’clock Salami gave birth to four kittens. Florrick did everything that the offspring of a stray cat was safe. Cats rarely seek help for the person to have kittens. They are usually very secretive. Salami was left with Florrick and after birth of offspring.

“I took her to the vet, neutered and vaccinated. Now she and Bruce spend the whole day around. Salami well adapted, she’s sweet and loving cat. All the kittens I gave out to friends: one now lives in Mississippi, and three in my neighborhood. I’m glad to be able to follow their fate,” said Florrick.

When American published this story in social networks, users have supported her. “Thank you, that opened his door and heart for Salami and her kittens! You are a special person!” — wrote one of them. “Thank you for saving this sweet girl! So cool that she came to you. I had a similar experience. We are the chosen ones. Salami trusts you,” said another subscriber.

Earlier it was reported that in the Chinese city of Wuhan cat 40 days spent alone at home, gave birth to kittens and ate all the fish in the aquarium after its owner was hospitalized with coronavirus infection. The owner, who was hospitalized with coronavirus, did not ask the others to look after the cat because it was infected with a deadly infection.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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