The attentive spectator helped leading to detect cancer


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @WFLAVictoria

The news presenter on the American channel WFLA-TV Victoria Price (Victoria Price) said that the attentive spectator helped her detect cancer. In a post on Twitter, the journalist explained that it is only through the advice of women went to see the doctor.

According to Price, in June she received an email from one of the spectators of the information transmission. In the message the woman advised the journalist to go to the doctors. She pointed to a small formation in the form of a tubercle on the neck. It turned out that in the area of her thyroid gland has a tumor.

“Don’t I get this letter, I would have never turned to the experts. And the cancer continued to spread,” said Price. According to her, a spectator turned to her due to the fact that she was faced with a similar health problem in the past.

The journalist added that due to the spread of the coronavirus diagnosis was difficult, but July 27 was her plan to do surgery to remove a malignant tumor. “Will be forever grateful to this woman who took the time and wrote to me, a complete stranger. She didn’t have any obligations, but she still did so,” concluded Price.

Earlier the leading Australian Network channel 10 Latuf Antoinette (Antoinette Lattouf) described how a message from the helpful spectators helped her to detect disease of the thyroid gland.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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