The Russians discovered the secret early watermelons



Early watermelons can be eaten without harm to health because they are not pumped with nitrates, as is commonly thought. The secret the Russians revealed plodonosit, agronomist Elizaveta Tikhonova in conversation with radio Sputnik.

According to her, the nitrate is almost impossible to apply to the watermelons, because they will lead to the death of the plant. “I love to say that “injected watermelons”. Stabbing with nitrates is not possible, the watermelon will die”, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

She noted that even if we introduce a substance through the root system, they will take in the fruit and leaves. In extreme cases nitrates may occur in the rind, which nobody eats.

The agronomist said that now sold the watermelons brought from Dagestan and Iran. In the latter country in the year farmers get four harvest melons. In Uzbekistan, sometimes they can be three: first grown under film, the second seedlings, and the third on dry land.

Tikhonov added that the sweetness of the watermelon does not depend on the precocity and the number of used for growing water. Less than her, the sweeter the product. Usually the be dry sweet fruits which ripen in late July — early August.

Earlier Elizaveta Tikhonova is not recommended to buy watermelons and melons in may and early June. According to her, this period we have the season of harvest melons, and those that appear on the shelves, ripe with fertilizer and stimulants. Rare exceptions are the varieties grown in the open ground.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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