Viktor Shenderovich accused of sexual harassment


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Several women have accused the journalist Victor Shenderovich in harassment. Their stories they published in Facebook.

Journalist Lydia Mikhalchenko wrote that they are ready to declare openly that suffered from the actions of Shenderovich, and added that along with it is ready to do the other two women — Olga Crassac and Marie of the Trinity.

Mikhalchenko admitted that for a long time considered Shenderovich “one of the best people in the world.” However, she was later shocked by the unwillingness of the journalist “to hear, and ignore failure” on her part, and the incident between him and another girl. Mikhal wrote that Shenderovich and Trinity have agreed on a friendly meeting, but there he began to aspire to it, and in response to her anger said, “And what else men to girls meet?”

The journalist added that still can not recover after the incident. Mikhalchenko said he decided to talk about the harassment by Shenderovich despite the fact that he expects persecution after publication. According to her, such stories “sooner or later will break the backbone of the camel — the belief that women can be touched, to touch, to have sex without active consent, using a defensive reaction fading, and then say that “you wanted” and “all a misunderstanding””.

Crassac in his publication noted that she knows the names of the four girls who are “directly affected”. According to her, they are unable to share their stories: girls are intimidated and threatened to fire. In addition, in the opinion of Crassac, this girl threaten to “tons of mud” from the “support group” Shenderovich.

The woman noted that the protection of the journalist will be people “who were brought up in a Patriarchal framework of permissibility and accessibility”. “For a person with the name and merit in a strange way has a license to vile behavior, violence and harassment,” — said the author of the publication and urged to condemn those who commit the deeds, and not those who tells them.

Journalist Olga Karchevskaya added that were aware of the fact that Shenderovich “the practice of sexualised violence”. According to her, the victims of his girls wanted to share their stories anonymously, but in the end he did it openly. Karchevskaya added that Mikhalchanka showed her the screenshots correspondence with Shenderovich, and vouched for the accuracy of its publications.

In mid-July Russian of the wearer’s networks have begun to publish online stories about abuse and abuse by men. Mostly the accusations concerned former or current members of the media, in particular, the “MBH Media” of TV channel “Rain”, “Novaya Gazeta” samizdat “dear Sir, Yes you are a transformer.”

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