Called the main contenders for the US presidency in 2024


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The American edition The National Interest identified five main prospective candidates for the Democratic nomination for the US presidency in 2024. The list is published on the website of the newspaper.

As notes the edition, even if the most likely candidate from the Democrats in this election, former us Vice-President Joe Biden will be able to win in 2020, it’s hardly going to run for a second term in 2024-m because of old age — at the moment the policy is already 77 years old, and in case of victory he will become the oldest U.S. President in history. Against this background, many analysts began to look for candidates among the new generation of Democrats.

So, one of the main contenders for the leadership of the democratic party in the next election cycle will be the youngest Congresswoman USA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. According to experts, it has the strong support of the working class thanks to a number forced its initiatives, particularly in education and health. In addition, Ocasio-Cortez is popular among young voters-the Millennials — on her account in Instagram signed by more than 5.3 million people and a Twitter account — more than 7.8 million people.

Another potential candidate to become Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo. As noted by The National Interest, the politician managed to increase their influence on the background of the pandemic coronavirus due to its action against the spread of infection. So, according to a July poll, his job as Governor approve 89 percent of voters-Democrats and 28 percent prorepublican voters. Among the achievements that may play into the hands of Cuomo, the experts also called the increase in the minimum wage for residents of the state and same-sex marriage.

According to the publication, rely on the nomination of the democratic party, maybe a former mayor of the city of South bend (Indiana), Pete Buttidzhich who had participated in the primaries this year and came out of the race, endorsing Biden. Experts say that a politician is also popular among young people, including due to the fact that is openly gay. In addition, Buttidzhich supports raising the minimum wage across the country and the release of students from a number of debt obligations — this can also provide him additional votes.

Two more contenders for the Democratic party leader considers The National Interest of the Senator from California Indian and African origin Kamala Harris and Senator from Colorado Michael Bennet. So, Biden can choose Harris as their Vice President if she wins the election that will significantly increase her chances of further career success. In favor of Bennett can talk to the moderation of his views, which values the establishment of the democratic party.

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