Disclosed details of the scandal between johnny Depp and amber heard


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Girlfriend actress amber heard Raquel rocky Pennington revealed details of the scandal that happened between the actress and her ex-husband actor johnny Depp, the star couple when I lived in Australia. According to her, she warned heard that Depp might accidentally kill her when he was “drunk or delusional”. About it writes edition the Daily Star.

As told Pennington during testimony at the trial of the suit against Depp tabloid The Sun, she lived in the penthouse of the actor in Los Angeles in the years 2014-2016 and has been in that period best friend amber heard. According to her, the relationship of the couple deteriorated in a time when Depp and heard have lived in Australia. There the couple the incident occurred when she was “really scared for the life of amber”. About the incident “the biggest dispute that they were” the actress told her friend, returning from Australia.

So, Pennington confirmed the story amber heard that johnny Depp left in it a few glass bottles, shards on the floor, the actress cut her legs and arms. “Amber told me that at that moment, johnny tore off her nightgown, and she was lying naked on the floor, wet from the alcohol and wounded,” said a friend of the actress. Also, judging by the fact that she told Hurd, Depp broke the TV and peed on the furniture.

Currently, Depp is suing British tabloid The Sun. The actor says that in 2018, the newspaper posted a slanderous article accusing him of physical and psychological violence against ex-wife — actress and model amber heard.

Johnny Depp and amber heard were married in February 2015. In may 2016, the actress has filed for divorce, and then announced that her husband beat her. Depp later filed a lawsuit against Hurd and demanded 50 million dollars for an article where she calls herself a victim of domestic violence. The actor stressed that her statement is untrue. In February 2020, the network leaked the conversation of the stars, in which the actress confessed to beating ex-husband.

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