Fled to Russia, the Belarusian opposition has promised to do Lukashenko’s “outcast”


www.vsyako.netValery Tsepkalo Photo: @tsepkalo.official

Former Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus, opposition leader Valery Tsepkalo, removed from the presidential election, has promised to make President Alexander Lukashenko a pariah for the world community. About this informed the TV channel “Rain”.

The politician said that the opposition have been able to make of the President of Belarus “pariah in the eyes of its own people.”

Tsepkalo also appealed to the Russian authorities and urged not to provide assistance, including financial, to the Belarusian government. He explained that these funds are spent on “maintaining government apparatus of the country”.

On 24 July it was reported that Tsepkalo left the country for fear of persecution. He, along with two children fled the country and is now in Russia.

On 20 July the Supreme court of Belarus dismissed the complaint Tsepkalo on the refusal of the Central election Committee (CEC) to register a candidate for the presidency. The former diplomat has denied the right to become a rival of Alexander Lukashenko in elections on the grounds that he failed to collect the required to nominate the number of signatures.

He Tsepkalo in an interview with “the Ribbon.ru” said that the refusal to register opposition candidates would mean the cancellation of elections in the country. “In this case, to me, it’s hard to say. Everything will depend on the activity of civil society,” he said.

Earlier, the interior Ministry of Belarus reported that the office has received the materials about “the facts of illegal activity” Tsepkalo on the basis of which was being tested.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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