Murashko said voluntary vaccination against coronavirus in Russia


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In Russia, vaccination against coronavirus, a new type will be voluntary, it will be carried out in stages, said the head of Ministry of health Michael Murashko, the TV channel “Russia-1”. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“Vaccination will be voluntary, but we see that the interest of the population is very high,” — said the Minister. Murashko added that the Agency plans to carry out vaccination of the population in stages, incrementally. First, the vaccine will give health care workers and those “who are often faced with a large number of people.”

In addition, the head of the Ministry of health noted that at this stage the end of the test vaccine, which was developed in the center of Gamaliel. The permission to conduct clinical trials gets the center “Vector”.

Earlier, Mikhail Murashko announced plans to vaccinate against coronavirus is not less than 1600 volunteers in the third phase of the study vaccine. As planning experts in the trials of each form of the vaccine (liquid and liofilizovannye) will be attended by at least 800 people. Murashko added that these patients will receive vaccinations already at the ambulatory stage, and in parallel will start scaling production.

As stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on 22 July, four Russian vaccine against the coronavirus proved its safety, two drugs are in the final stages of testing. He expressed the hope that the country will receive a reliable vaccine in the fall.

As of 25 July, in Russia per day revealed 5871 new case of infection with coronavirus. During the epidemic has infected more than 806 thousand inhabitants. For the entire period of the pandemic recovered 597 140 Russian citizens, died 13 192 patients.

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