Son of Vladimir Vysotsky praised the work of the father


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Galina Kmit / RIA Novosti

Actor and Director Nikita Vysotsky praised the work of his father, Soviet artist Vladimir Vysotsky in an interview with TV channel “Star”.

According to him, the image and the creativity of Vladimir Vysotsky still inspires people and motivates them to action. He added that true art is timeless because it applies to eternal issues.

Vysotsky, Jr. stressed that the artist continues to live after his death. “The more these layers will be temporary, the clearer who he is and what he is. It is a very serious figure, and it will require,” said the Director.

Vladimir Vysotsky was born on 25 January 1938. He is known primarily as the author and performer of songs, which the musician wrote, according to various estimates, from 800 to thousands. He also played in theater and cinema. His works include roles in the films “Vertical”, “two comrades were Serving”, “Skaz about how Tsar Peter moor married”, “meeting Place cannot be changed” and in theater productions at the Taganka — “hamlet,” “Life of Galileo”, “Ten days that shook the world”, “the Cherry orchard”. Vysotsky died in 1980.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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