Britain saw the threat in the test of the Russian space satellite



British authorities saw a threat in the test of the Russian space satellite. About it reports The Daily Telegraph.

The Chairman of the defense Committee of Parliament Tobias Ellwood urged the war Department to develop a strategy to counter the threat of British satellites that supposedly comes from Russia.

The politician believes that such developments pose a threat to the GPS system. “Every aspect of our lives depend on GPS. Payment system, agriculture, mechanical engineering, modern industry and defense,” said Elwood. He added that the loss of GPS interfere with navigation.

Earlier, the head of the British space program Vice-Marshal Harvey Smith has accused Russia of testing of the space of anti-satellite weapons in July of this year. According to him, such actions threaten the peaceful uses of outer space and pose the risk that the debris may be a threat to satellites and space systems that affect the world.

The Russian foreign Ministry noted that the UK charges are propaganda spreading. Representatives of the Ministry stressed that the July 15 tests were conducted in full compliance with international law and does not pose threats to any space objects. A Russian satellite-the inspector has collected technical information on the domestic state of the other spacecraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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